Hi, I’m James Wright and welcome to Kamara, your photo, video, and drone specialists.

I may not come across as passionate in my videos. I’m well aware that my voice is not the jolliest, but believe me, I’m highly passionate and want to do the best I possibly can at all times.

I recently reached the summit of Kilimanjaro just before COVID-19 kicked in with only three weeks notice and which was spent in deep preparation in Las Vegas on a commission.

My career as an international specialist motorcycling photographer saw me working for almost every brand of modern motorcycle manufacturer you can name. And being Lincolnshire born and bred, I’ve made it my mission to provide forward-thinking Lincolnshire business owners and managers with the levels of service expected by my international clients at local prices.

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I suggest you don’t just do a search for Kamara Video, or you’ll end up with some guy kicking a ball around or being a TV pundit.

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