Our commercial photography services are delivered by experienced, full time professional photographers. their brief for each shoot is to provide you with considered, creative, visual imagery for your product or service. Images that we would be happy to add to our own portfolio . . .

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Our commercial photography services are delivered by experienced, full time professional photographers . . . their brief for each shoot . . . to provide YOU with considered, creative, visual imagery for your product or service and to deliver material that we would be happy to add to our own portfolio. We don’t simply turn up, grab a couple of frames and leave. Our aim is to become a long-term asset to our clients, many have been with us for over 10 years, some, including the RAF have been with us for thirty.

We have provided striking, thought-provoking and engaging images, images with impact, for hundreds of local and national businesses – businesses just like yours – from one-man operations to multi-nationals, and we would welcome the opportunity to bring this expertise and experience to YOU.

Shoots can take place either at our commercial photographic studio (with easy access to the A46 at Lincoln), at your premises or even on a location of your choice. (Subject to permission).

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Whether online, or through the traditional routes of brochures, printed media or Expo’s, Strong commercial images are the mainstay of quality marketing and advertising campaigns – without quality image assets, you have nothing. They can be stand alone or can support video images to maintain Brand consistency. However you plan to use them, they need to be STRONG – they need to differentiate you from your competition and define your Brand.

Others may offer photography OR video OR drone services.  At Kamara we offer all of these services ensuring you maintain a consistent message across all platforms.

Commercial Photography has a place in so many different areas – from product shots, corporate headshots, process, Health and Safety, general documentary shots and can be used in a multitude of different marketing pillars and business applications such as Company Reports, instruction manuals, advertising, web sites, marketing material, product brochures, banners, POS, Expo displays, press and PR and many others.

Strong, quality images are the single most important tools in your marketing toolbox.  In the modern world, everyone has a phone with a great camera but the reality is that they (and their operators) have severe limitations. If you are serious about selling your product on-line, or via the traditional visual routes of brochures, printed media or Expo’s, you need to stand out from the crowd, you need to be different. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is with the use of professional photography (or video – did we mention that we also offer video and even drone & time-lapse services?). Professional photography will deliver detailed images to differentiate your Brand and aid your customers in their decision making, and if you are selling a service – a true reflection of your business and its staff is going to receive a significantly better response than simply using a stock image. Your customers want to know WHO they are buying from and not only can a stock image can give a totally false impression of your business but there is a reasonable chance that the same image could be seen on a competitors site.

In the current age, differentiating yourself from your competitors is crucial to your business success and it has become even more important to make sure that your Company is different – bold – adventurous – open for business. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is through your visual imagery – photography and video. If you are considering using video in your marketing, take a look at our video services.

You have undoubtedly gone to significant lengths to make sure your headed paper is in keeping with your business cards and have reviewed the text on your web-site until you are blue in the face, got your SEO at its best – don’t let the whole thing down with poor quality images or video – these are the most powerful tools on your web page and their impact (or lack of it) can make or break a potential customer’s first impression. Remember, a picture paints a thousand words but you have to make your prospects stop and look at the image first!

There is a reason why Brands such as Nike, Adidas, Honda, Red Bull, Virgin and Pepsi invest millions of pounds each year in photography and video to ensure that their Brand stands out and has an unmistakable identity. Now we are not suggesting that you blow your budget on photography but for less than you would expect, you can get hold of some valuable assets, assets that will help your business stand out – give it a go with Kamara Photo and Video and see for yourself.

All our packages include detailed discussion about your project, what you are seeking to achieve from it and how we can help you to achieve your goal.

For quality photography by experienced professionals look no further than Kamara Photo . . . bringing Lincolnshire’s brands, products and processes to life using creative, ethical and inspirational imagery.


With our Commercial Photography services, you will get a full time, experienced, professional photographer who will work with you or your agency to interpret your brief, add their own artistic input based on years of experience and shoot the images that will help your brand and business to stand out from the crowd.

Edit and images supplied – we can also carry out post production work to an agreed style once your final images are selected. This may not be the area of expertise of the photographer so please feel free to discuss this part of your project with our support or design team at any stage.

With our ‘turn-key ‘solutions to your photographic demands……….

…..All you need is an idea – we will do the rest!


Our mission is simple . . .

To bring Lincolnshire’s Brands, Products and Processes to life using Creative, Ethical and Inspirational imagery

You get the same quality and attention to detail across our range of services.


DAF Trucks commissioned Kamara to document the delivery of a large fleet of trucks to one of the UK’s leading chilled goods transporter, Brakes, – Big Brands = Big pressure.

With a significant number of the new fleet distributing produce around the Country, the available vehicles needed to be shot to represent the size of investment and the DAF commitment to customer service and support at the BRAKE distribution centre near Warrington, Cheshire.

Having worked with Kamara’s photographers on other projects, DAF senior management submitted their brief and Kamara ‘put the wheels in motion’…..literally.

Health & Safety considerations are always important but seldom more so that working in a busy transport environment where the photographer has to think on his feet while being creative and safe.

With thirty trucks back in the depot, the preparation began. All were washed and the key shots (which we had already discussed during the briefing stage) were set up. Thirty DAF Trucks and a handful of skilled drivers saw everything lined up under the direction of the photographer.

The shots were selected over the coming days by senior DAF management, retouched and treated as per the brief, and delivered within a week.

Happy customer and happy Kamara – prints shared with both Company management teams, displayed across the country and marketing assets delivered . . . RESULT.


Having been established in Lincolnshire for over 30 years and with their own commercial studio there is no one in a better position to provide Lincolnshire businesses with quality photographic services than Kamara Photo.


  • Recommended for small commercial shoots, your latest product or basic press & PR
  • Up to 2 hours on site – including set up and basic image selection
  • Includes travel within 10 mile radius of studio
  • For larger commercial subjects, specialised lighting, technically challenging products, images or premises, etc
  • Up to 3 hours on site to include set up and basic image selection
  • Includes travel within 10 mile radius of our studio


  • Recommended for commercial, products, specialist lighting requirements, technically challenging subjects, transport, premises, ‘environment’ shots, training and operational photography
  • Up to 6 hours on site and basic image selection
  • Includes travel within 10 mile radius of our studio
  • Further re-touching costs depend on the level of work involved and are to be quoted separately
  • Additional mileage
  • Additional time on site will be charged and is subject to availability
  • Please respect that there is a high likelihood that your photographer will have another commission to attend and therefore he will need to depart on time as dictated by the package you have chosen
  • Commercial shooting hours outside 09:00 and 18:00hrs will be subject to a 20% surcharge
  • Normal turnaround of initial image delivery is 72 hours but this may be extended during busy periods. Should you require a fast turnaround please specify at the time of booking
  • Additional fees if additional support staff are required – price dependant on role
  • Service which fall outside our scope will be chargeable however, we GUARANTEE that if you have not been informed or quoted that you will not receive additional charges



Please call 01522 698147 or email talktous@kamaravideo.com and we will be happy to discuss your project.