Drone Regulation Changes 2021

Kamara Photo-Video-Drone briefly explains the updated drone regulations changes from 31st December 2020. Briefly taking about, Open, Specific & Certified categories. The PfCO, GVC, A2 CofC

From January 1st 2021 new regulations were introduced with the aim of improving safety & clarity around drone use.

Operations are now broken down into 3 main categories with sub categories.

So we have the low risk – Open category

We have the Medium risk, Specific Category

and we have the high risk, certified category

So the low risk category is aimed at the hobbyist, Where as the Medium & High risk category both require CAA application.

The PfCO qualification is now replaced with the GVC, and this is in the Specific Category.

The A2 CofC is the most popular qualification & this falls into the Open category.

So even if your drone is under 250g & is not a toy and has a camera, you still need to show a valid registration of your drone (ID)

As a customer you don’t need to know all the details. You just need to know that our pilots are qualified to fly within the parameters that you require.

So although the regulations have changed,  Whether it will be industrial, commercial, agricultural or real estate. You can still be guaranteed the same level of professionalism and service from Kamara’s pilots