When it comes to video, there are a whole host of factors affecting video pricing & every aspect of production.

No matter what its size.

That is why we decided not to offer a packaged option for video services.

EVERY production we’ve ever covered, large and small has had a different set of challenges.

For a more detailed explanation of factors affecting video pricing & production cost and values I suggest you take a look at our Resource Hub, where you will find the answers to many of the questions you may have. Or have a look at our You Tube ‘Video Playlist”

This means you can discuss these items with your team from a much better informed perspective.

From there you can either discuss your project or attend a meeting whether actual or virtual, much better prepared, much more informed and much better placed to make the right decisions when selecting your video provider.

For more information or to discuss your project/requirements speak to James or Shaun on 01522 698147 or email info@kamaravideo.com