How much will my shoot cost?

There’s no such thing as a typical shoot and quite often a subject which at first glance would appear to be simple can be the most challenging.

As with all things, the more time something takes the more expensive it’s likely to be.

And all of our operators are established professionals and even armed with years of knowledge and lighting experience, things take time to get right.

We can produce standard pack shots if that’s what you need, but we can also provide interestingly lit and composed brochure and advertising style images.

If you’re after a quick snapshot of your product, we’re probably not the right fit for you, and there are sections in our resource hub that address some of the reasons why prices differ across different suppliers

and even shoots for different uses. So, please feel free to take a look in there for more information.

This does not mean that we’re unable to price your job. It simply means that we wish to deliver a product

that is right for you. And any pro photographer will need to find out more information before they can price the shoot.

If a photographer is not asking a number of key questions, it’s highly likely that they will provide a pretty standard service and not something that will be bespoke to you.

Ultimately, the price depends on the brief and we do offer some packages on our website at

Our site is specifically aimed at stills photography and represents a small selection of the commissions we’ve carried out in Lincolnshire since 1989. So, if you’re looking for international experience at a local level, why not get in touch now?