This depends on the project, but we usually try to get the first basic edit for you to make your selection, within 24 hours.

We have a variety of delivery options, depending on which you find the most convenient and once you’ve made your initial selection,

we can provide any post-production or minor adjustments to your batch, then a full artwork edit by our recommended designer, if required.

Again, we have a few contracts where the design and retouching is crucial to the overall feel of the brochure, and consistency is key.

This is one reason why we prefer to keep one photographer on such jobs, working closely with both the client and the designer, to not only maintain brand identity, but to strengthen it.

If you have a specific urgent requirement for a single image to go out with a press release, for example, we can usually provide you with that either during, or immediately after, the shoot.

And as always, the earlier we are aware of such requirements, the easier it is to accommodate without affecting the flow of the shoot without affecting the flow of the shoot.

Simply register your interest, using the form,

or give us a call now.


How will I get my pictures, and when?