We’re looking for someone to photograph our site, trucks, warehouse, etc.

Do you shoot on location?

Indeed, we do. Location photography is probably our staple work.

We understand industry and the requirements of medium and large companies. Whether that be in transport, where our clients include DFDS, DAF Trucks UKBrake Brothers, and others, or any other areas of Lincolnshire industry from agriculture to aviation, to typical Humber Bank industry.

We understand the health and safety and induction processes that may be required, and we know what works for our clients. Brand is important to them and we learn what enhances their brand, what it’s about. It’s so much more than simply a logo, and we work with them to ensure they stand out in their specific field.

We even carry out UK-wide location research and checks prior to shooting. So yes, we’re able to offer a complete location photography service.

Of course, this also applies to our video and drone. So if you need more information,

simply give us a call or drop us a mail.