Video Interviews to camera for businesses and companies in Lincolnshire

Can you do video interviews or messages from our CEO or key personnel? and can you add different backgrounds?

We can as long as we know from the start as we’ll shoot using chroma-key. If you know what you want to use for your background we can even shoot this specifically for the job.


We also understand the importance of sound in these type of addresses. So we use external microphones to ensure we get clean sound to work with.


Usually it is easier to ask a pre-defined set of questions that your CEO or subject can answer without hesitation.

Or if they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, well we have a solution for that too.

Our teleprompter allows your script to be read without gazing away from the screen – just like your newsreaders on TV.

This has an additional benefit in that person delivering the words is so busy concentrating on the prompter text that they totally forget the camera behind it

and the delivery becomes much more natural and confident, a real “win/win”.


We often shoot interviews with a 2 camera set up to give some variety to the cuts especially for longer deliveries or Q & A sessions. And by the way – Pieces To Camera, Talking Heads,

or whatever you want to call them are a great way of communicating a whole host of messages to your customers, employees, potential customers or visitors.

They can be scripted considered provide a consistent message without having someone personally delivering it each time and we can usually shoot them reasonably quickly once set up

they really are a great solution.

So why not give us a call or register now and someone will be in touch.


Video Interviews to camera for businesses and companies in Lincolnshire