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From concept to finished product….Kamara will be with you all the way.

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Let us bring our experience as a Video Production Company to your business – it is not as expensive as you may imagine and will deliver high-value marketing assets for use on multiple platforms.

Many businesses – just like yours – may have never used video in their marketing material or as a reliable method for consistent communication to either an internal or external audience. But with video playing an ever-increasing role in marketing businesses of ALL sizes it is becoming more of a “must have” than a “would like” asset and will position you ahead of your competitors.

Having worked with ‘one man’ start-ups right through to Port Authorities and multi-nationals we have dealt with a wide range of products, services and situations and relish a challenge.

Our camera operators are highly-experienced and this experience has programmed their brains to visualise the finished product even before filming begins bringing a fresh approach to your product or service. They bring an attention to detail and mastery of their craft to YOUR production.

Whether it is a new product or process, a training, operational or induction video, a knowledge base for your customers, an introduction from your MD, or an overview of your operation, or simply a record for future use, we can help your business to grow.

At Kamara, we will work with you to provide a complete ‘turnkey’ solution. You can leave us to progress your project and do what we do best while leaving you free to get on with what you do best. We will discuss your brief and help create your shot-list to ensure maximum efficiency during your shoot and edit. Getting this right enables us to keep your video investment costs to a minimum while delivering a quality edit which is “On Brand”, to your brief and with minimum disruption to your business.


Commercial video is becoming increasingly important in many areas of business, and we can provide you with an engaging video to help your business in more ways than you may have imagined. Many consider video as simply a marketing pillar, but it also provides consistent messaging for inductions, safety videos, instructional, construction, maintenance, cost – effective roof, silo, pipework and cable inspections, health and safety, company overviews etc. All of these, and many more will help transport your business to your profitability and safety goals. With our Complete Commercial Video you have the opportunity for Kamara to have as much involvement in the production as you like. We can discuss your idea, help with your shot-list, your pre-shoot requirements, shoot and edit, OR – we can simply shoot and edit to your brief.

To maximise shooting and editing efficiency, we strongly recommend that we are involved early in your planning process – we can suggest our own creative ideas and provide you with feedback in respect to shooting limitations or requirements from your operational perspective that will help your project to run smoothly and make your business stand out from the crowd. This is important, especially if video is new to you, for many reasons but primarily . . .  a) to manage expectations and b) to ensure that the finer details are attended to. Eg: Ensuring operators have correct and clean PPE, work /filming environment clean and tidy, chaperone’s are available if required, vehicles are clean and tidy etc. There are so many of these small touches that are easy to overlook but which make a significant difference to your end product. As the saying goes…..

 . . . The devil is in the detail

YOUR video can move to YOUR beat – it can be serious, plain and informative, lively, flirtatious, jolly, funny or it can even flit between styles – if there is an adjective to suit, we can shoot and edit accordingly and reach out to your customers with a mood and language they can understand.


  • Experienced professional camera operators
  • Discussion and understanding of your brief
  • Pre-production planning meeting (if necessary – usually on larger projects or in specialist locations)
  • We can also assist with your shot-list and pre-production planning – crucial to efficient use of filming and edit time – the complexity of your project will determine the fee for this but in serious productions (or productions with a marketing team inexperienced in video) it is imperative and WILL save money in the long term.
  • Set-up, location risk assessments
  • 1stedit to brief
  • 2 x edit changes
  • Your logo and mission statement at the intro and ‘out’ of the video
  • We do not specify a delivery time for commercial video due to the many variables involved

 . . . All you need is an idea – we will do the rest!


Our mission is simple . . .

To bring Lincolnshire’s Brands, Products and Processes to life using Creative, Ethical and Inspirational imagery

You get the same quality and attention to detail across our range of services.


We were approached by our client, Diamond Fertilisers to provide them with a current overview showcasing their product care at Immingham dock from arrival, storage and blending through to distribution.

We had a very simple, outdated video on a very small scale which no longer reflected our brand. Fertiliser isn’t the most visually appealing of subject matters and we wanted to find a creative way to sell our product and business to existing and potential customers. We wanted to promote the Diamond Fertiliser brand in a positive and modern light.

They initially began their search for a video and photography supplier on the internet and then thought that asking their contacts on the Port might make sense – especially due to the restrictions of working in an industrial environment where Health & Safety and understanding of process is paramount.
During their research, they viewed other work Kamara had produced and established we have an eye to provide photography to an extremely high standard. The standard they wanted to achieve.

Having never worked with Kamara video before – using a new supplier for anything is a big deal.

With hindsight, our decision was easily the right one to take. Their proven track record with a trusted partner. Their knowledge and their reputation simplified our decision. Shipping isn’t easy to plan around due to the weather. However, Kamara were flexible to work with us and offered creative solutions to our ideas.

Since our video was delivered, our client has been able to communicate to their customers and agents, how they care for their product, their storage facilities and the benefits of using Diamond Fertilisers – they have an interesting, almost captivating video that retains viewer interest – and ultimately makes it easier for them to promote and sell their products.

Was there anything that exceeded your expectations since working with Kamara?

Our expectations were based on videos produced by others in our industry sectors and when we received the Kamara edit and watched it for the first time – we were simply blown away.

 What’s the main reason you would recommend our service?

It’s not difficult to give a reason to recommend Kamara’s services – the whole process of our initial video was challenging due to circumstances beyond our control – weather causing vessel delays, tides and dock operational issues – but it was all dealt with professionally and flexibly – and when you sit in the boardroom with your directors to see the edit and something is so instinctively right that it gives you goose-bumps – there really can be no better recommendation.
Alison Schofield – Marketing Manager, Diamond Fertilisers

It’s not difficult to give a reason to recommend Kamara’s services – the whole process of our initial video was challenging due to circumstances beyond our control – weather causing vessel delays, tides and dock operational issues – but it was all dealt with professionally and flexibly – and when you sit in the boardroom with your directors to see the edit and something is so instinctively right that it gives you goose-bumps – there really can be no better recommendation.
Alison Schofield, Diamond fertilisers
We have created a whole suite of videos . . . The Team are really easy to work with, they are proactive, helpful, take Health & Safety seriously and I couldn’t recommend Kamara highly enough.
Louise Thackwray - Communications Manager, Associated British Ports (ABP)
I just wanted to say a big thankyou from Steve and myself, he’s super happy with the images and wanted to thank you again!
Just to say our head office are very impressed with the video!
Project Manager, Schauenburg Technical Solutions Ltd

Our complete commercial video solutions are as individual as the challenges faced by our clients and therefore all of our complete video solutions are bespoke. Please call 01522 698147 to discuss your project.
A short, simple ‘teaser’ video can start from as little as £350


  • Mileage is chargeable
  • Additional edits chargeable (after our initial included edits)
  • Commercial shooting hours outside 09:00 and 18:00hrs will be subject to a 20% surcharge
  • Music
  • Animations
  • Graphics
  • Text
  • Voiceovers
  • Specialist planning/permit requests etc
  • Greenscreen
  • Any additional editing (e.g. animations or graphics, or if multiple edits are required for different platforms, language translations, on-screen captions, voice overs etc)
  • Additional fees if additional support staff are required – price dependant on role
  • Service which fall outside our scope will be chargeable however, we GUARANTEE that if you have not been informed or quoted that you will not receive additional charges



Please call 01522 698147 or email talktous@kamaravideo.com and we will be happy to discuss your project.