Welcome to Kamara’s Top Ten Video Insights for Forward thinking Owners/managers when choosing a video content provider.

Increased Customer Engagement/Awareness, Product Knowledge, Internal Communication, Message from your CEO, Tutorial, Internal Training, Inspection, Record, Induction? These are just some of the many preferred outcomes & uses of video in today’s Corporate digital world and just as with any key part of your business, you need a strategy.

Every business we have worked with (and that is a lot) has a different requirement from their Digital Media (Photo/Video & Drone) yet the same things need to be considered – even before you pick up your phone or ask for a quote.

In order for you to make the correct choices for your business, whether this is your first foray into the world of video or if you are wanting to add to your current material – HOW DO WE ENSURE YOUR INVESTMENT IS GOOD VALUE? So here we have compiled a list of the Top Ten areas to consider in your Digital Media Marketing Strategy.

Don’t like reading?…….Simply watch the video…

1)  Set Goals and Expectations:

Simply having a video is not enough – Any video in your library needs to serve a purpose. What do you want it to achieve?


2) Plan your distribution:

Where do you want your videos to be seen and by who? This could be your own YouTube channel, web site, internal or business conference, Expos’s or big screen?


3) Use Video as an INTEGRAL part of your overall strategy or campaign:

Video can help you meet a wide variety of Strategic Goals – Marketing, Brand awareness, record keeping, training, Health & Safety, inductions, compliance…..the list is almost endless.


4) Plan your Social Media strategy around your videos:

Videos are now much more important than “stills” – their engagement rates are higher and impact greater. Photography still has a place in most businesses, but video content is more important than ever.


5) Convey strong Brand Identity:

Maintain the same ‘feel’ across your videos, the same branding and the same style. Extremely important if you are serious about your Brand. Think about this at the beginning and you can maintain consistency as your library grows – People like consistency, and your Brand deserves it.


6) Include a Strong Call to Action:

Having watched your video, what do you want your customers to do – Don’t leave them wondering – you lead and they will follow.


7) Use a reputable Company with Corporate expertise:

Good businesses stick around for a reason and Kamara has been established in Lincoln since 1989. An established commercial video/photo Company not only understands the technical side of their job but how to conduct themselves in unfamiliar and potentially hazardous working environments. They will be insured and be able to interpret your brief in order to deliver material that will help YOU and YOUR business. There is no point having a Spielberg production if it misses the mark. At Kamara, we don’t do weddings, we don’t do parties, we DO do Commercial. We know what works and we have the experience to deliver.


8) Establish a Creative Direction:

Your videos should convey your Brand. They should be filmed and edited with your final call to action in mind and should maintain a consistency – your videos should be memorable for all the right reasons and have the same ‘feel” throughout. The first purpose of your video is simple – make people stop with it long enough to engage!


9) Review Analytics:

See what is working well and what isn’t, adjust and re-deploy – often it is the small things that make a big difference. Many video providers do not understand Marketing, at Kamara we investment heavily in our marketing knowledge and include this as an integral part of our service – we do not offer marketing services – we specialise in Photo, Video and Drone, but we DO understand marketing and how our products can be integrated to provide your customers with a first-class experience befitting of your business.


10) You get what you pay for:

be prepared to pay for the right people to deliver the right job for your business. IF YOU THINK IT’S EXPENSIVE HIRING A PROFESSIONAL – JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU HIRE AN AMATEUR.


11) And your bonus ball…..

Don’t expect to get all your content in one shoot: Think about the questions above, have your provider shoot strategically and build your content library over a period – get used to filming, get used to seeing what’s working for you and spread the cost.

Here at Kamara, we can also include a proven, seven step video strategy that fits almost every business. You can generate all your content in a few days OR you can build it over a few months, you can even ‘cherry pick’ the areas you feel will work for your business – it’s up to you. We will be happy to share this with you and discuss a way forwards with you. If we are a good fit, great but if it’s not right for either of us we will try to point you in the right direction.

We do what’s best for your business

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Video Top Ten Insights