Quite often we’re asked, “We don’t have any experience with video“, “but are conscious that it’s quickly becoming the single most important communication medium with companies who are serious about marketing and presentations. “Can you help us with our video strategy “and the mechanics of what we actually need “in order to publish our videos?

 Of course we can.

We’ll need to discuss your requirements, such things as your overall strategy and establish how video will integrate and indeed, communicate your messages.

We’ll then need to decide who’s responsible for your overall video strategy, posting, hosting, and any supporting material, & basically establish how we can provide the right level of support for you, and we simply charge by the time involved.

Initially, we just need to have an introductory chat, preferably over a brew. So just give us a call or register on the site and someone will be in touch.

If you have no experience with video, we can help